Daily Update January 29, 2018

Together Georgia Day 1/30/18


Tuesday is Together GA Day at the Capitol.  What a day for our agencies to shine and give our state legislators an opportunity to see the great work that many of you do. It will also be a reminder to them of why our request for a Rate Increase is so needed!!

Tuesday will be the 12th day of the 2018 Legislative Session. In many ways it is difficult to believe that it has only been twelve days and even harder to believe we will still have 28 more days of this session. The Session ends on March 29th. While it can seem like a slow process, we must take advantage of each remaining day!! The first part of this Session has been filled with hearings and meetings. Together with our lobbyists and your leadership, we continue to work hard at making sure we touch the key legislators who will make the decision to increase the Rate Increase to more than what the Governor put in his budget as well as increase the per diem for our foster parents.  We continue to send the message that you need and deserve more and to make sure each key legislator understands the importance of the work you do with Georgia’s most vulnerable children. 

What gives me the most hope is I truly believe that most of those legislators understand the need for our request. We ALL just must keep reminding them and that “ALL” includes each of you as members of Together GA.  Many of you have already done this but it is essential that we continue making sure that we touch every legislator we know with our message. If you have not received a copy of our “talking points” email me and I will send them to you. Share them with your board members and other supporters and ask them to share them in their own words with your legislators. It will take ALL of us to get our request in the budget!!

We are also watching and sitting ready to advocate for a Code change to O.C.G.A. 50-5-69. This change will result in Providers not having to do competitive bidding for support services. DFACS is still working on the Bill and working with Legislators on the language. We do not know yet if it will be a new Bill or an amendment to an existing Bill. When we have more information, we will let you know.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at Together GA Day!!!!!

Together Georgia Day online registration is linked at https://www.regonline.com/TGday20180130
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SAVE THE DATE  2018 Georgia Conference on Children and Families October 17-19, 2018

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Our MISSION: Together Georgia is a preeminent voice in Georgia's child and family welfare policy-making.

Our VISION: Together Georgia will ensure that member organizations are equipped to serve those that their missions are tied to through distributing emerging data as well as by collaborating with key government figures and pertinent decision makers