Daily Update June 26, 2018

Opportunity for public comment on EBP


from FFTA 6/25/18

Requests for Comments: Clearinghouse of Evidence-Based Practices in Accordance with the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018

Today, HHS published in the Federal Register a request for public comment on their approach to identifying evidence-based practices that will be eligible for reimbursement under the Family First Prevention Services Act: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/06/22/2018-13420/requests-for-comments-clearinghouse-of-evidence-based-practices-in-accordance-with-the-family-first

Note they are soliciting comments by July 22, so there is a very quick turnaround. Please share this with other interested parties, as the structure and contents of this evidence-based clearinghouse will shape how states will be able to receive reimbursement for services to prevent children from entering foster care. HHS will need good feedback from stakeholders of all kinds. Remember: states paying for Therapeutic Family Care services through Medicaid must make those services available to “qualifying” youth residing in their own homes or in kinship homes as well as in non-relative foster care. FFPSA will also allow for new IV-E prevention funds to support TFC services in bio-homes and kinship homes if so opted by a state.

From the notice:

“This Notice (1) identifies and requests comment on potential initial criteria for (a) identifying eligible programs and services for review by the Clearinghouse, (b) prioritizing eligible programs and services for review, (c) identifying eligible studies aligned with prioritized programs and services, (d) prioritizing eligible studies for rating, (e) rating studies, and (f) rating programs and services as promising, supported, and well-supported practices. This Notice (2) requests comment on potential programs and services that may meet the aforementioned criteria and that should be considered as candidates for systematic review. After comments are received, HHS will revise and publish the initial criteria and a preliminary list of candidate programs and services to be considered for review; and begin to conduct reviews. This Notice is one step in ensuring that activities associated with the development of a Clearinghouse are transparent and build from the existing knowledge of States, federal agencies, researchers, evaluators, program and service developers, key stakeholders and experts, and the general public.”


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