Weekly Update January 5, 2018



I probably like many of you am hesitant to make New Year’s Resolutions. I instead try to begin the year with a determination to make the year the best I can make it. As I begin 2018 that includes being the best Executive Director of Together Georgia that I can be for all of you.

I take this position seriously knowing that we have lots to accomplish in 2018 while also appreciating the very important work that each of you do to serve the children and families you serve.  So instead of resolutions, I will make these 2018 Promises to you:

  1. I Promise to Advocate for you in every opportunity I have on both a State and a National level making sure those in leadership roles know about Together Georgia and your work.
  2. I Promise to Represent you as we move forward in Georgia with initiatives such as the State of Hope, Kinship and others and in doing so making sure your role as Providers in those initiatives is understood.
  3. I Promise to Visit your agencies across the State so I can better understand what you and your agency do and can better Advocate and Represent all of you.
  4. I Promise to Listen and Learn from you to insure that I be the best Executive Director I can be for Together Georgia.
  5. I Promise to Work with you as we begin working on your Board Chair Karl Lehman’s working committees which I believe will take our organization to the next level 

I am sure there are other promises you can think of that you want me to make. Let me know those and I will add them to my list. As always, there will be change in Child Welfare in 2018. Let’s embrace those changes while reminding others of what does not need to be changed and arming ourselves with the faith and hope we need to make the right changes!!



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Daily Update January 3, 2018 - Utah's Orrin Hatch set to retire; Romney run for spot possible
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January 11 Family Foster Care Chapter
January 18 Family Preservation/Mental Health Provider Chapter
January 23 CCI Chapter
January 23 Faith-based Affinity Group

January 30, 2018 
exhibit space is available
 for TG members
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April 24, 2018 - TG Board meeting, St. Simon Island
April 24 & 25 - Annual Executive Retreat, St. Simon Island

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Georgia Conference on Children and Families 
October 17-19, 2018 - Marriott Augusta
►now available - see early sign up for sponsorships at http://www.georgiachild.org//2018/gccfsponsorship2018.htm


2018 TG/Fanning training
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