Weekly Update February 16, 2018

Guidance: Be Original with Talking Points

Our lobbyist, Helen Sloat, gives guidance on how to best appeal to our legislators. She strongly cautions again clipping and pasting form letters or scripted phone calls. Providers are encouraged to be original when using talking points. The big themes for the RBWO rate increase include:

  • Support 7 percent rate increase for CCIs and CPA administrative costs.
  • Support $5.00 per diem to private CPA Foster parents. 
  • Providers have received two small rate increases in ten years which total 4.5 percent; meanwhile, inflation has been 21 percent over this time.
  • Rates were set on audited cost reports in 2008 and now providers are receiving approximately 80 percent of costs.
  • Our providers effectively reach 61 percent of the state’s foster care children.

Find your legislator -  https://openstates.org/ 

WEEK IN BRIEF - 2018 legislative session

HB 683 - Budget

The Senate on February 15 passed/adopted by substitute HB 683 - Supplemental appropriations; State Fiscal Year July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 and transmitted it back to the House.   

SB 118 - Autism
The Senate passed/adopted by substitute SB 118 which would require insurers to cover therapeutic service for children under the age of 12 who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. The bill is now in the House. The is good news, although at our Family Preservation/Mental Health Provider meeting this week, the CMOs report that there is a dearth of providers who are credentialed to provide this service.

Feb/12/2018 - House Second Readers
Feb/08/2018 - House First Readers
Feb/07/2018 - Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute

SB 352 - Opioid epidemic
Senate Bill 352, now in the House, would address the current opioid epidemic by creating a Commission on Substance Abuse and Recovery and an Executive Director of Substance Abuse, Addiction and Related Disorders position.

Feb/12/2018 - House Second Readers
Feb/08/2018 - House First Readers
Feb/07/2018 - Senate Passed/Adopted By Substitute

SR 752 – urge Congress to appeal Johnson Amendment

On February 13, the Senate read and referred to committee SR 752 introduced by Senator Harbin. This resolution would urge the United States Congress to repeal the Johnson Amendment which prohibits churches from engaging in political activism.

HB 668 - Guardian and ward

The intent of this bill anticipates the need and ensures guardianship for DD population who will be turning 18. (HB 159 separately addresses temporary custody assigned by a caregiver.)

Feb/14/2018 - Senate Read and Referred
Feb/13/2018 - House Passed/Adopted

Family First Preservation Services Act
The FFPSA is now federal law. States will have some latitude on when and how this is implemented. As noted at our DFCS/Provider Leadership meeting today, it will be under discussion at the state level. 

TG Legislative matrix 02.16.2018 -  please forward to us bills you would like to include in the matrix. 

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April 24, 2018 - TG Board meeting
April 24 & 25 - Annual Executive Retreat

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Effective Teams and Collaboration

Together Georgia Provider Alliance in collaboration with The University of Georgia J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development offers the following training.  

Effective Teams and Collaboration
Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 10:00am - 2:00pm  
Program Description: Working together is crucial to ensure the best outcomes for children in care. This interactive session will help participants identify their personal styles, understand how their work preferences may impact others, and identify methods to improve professional and client relationships.
Presenters: David Meyers, MSW & Brendan Leahy, Ed.D.
Location: Youth Villages/Inner Harbor, 4685 Dorsett Road, Douglasville, GA 30135
Cost for training and lunch: $85 (TG members receive complimentary registration--email office@gahsc.org to request code.)  link to registration 
Contact office@gahsc.org

Mark your 2018 calendar for additional training topics:

3/29 - Leadership Development for Midlevel Managers
4/19 - Leadership for Frontline Staff
5/23 - Effective Supervision
8/21 - Working with LGBTQ youth
9/18 - Working in a Multigenerational Workplace
11/1 -  Telemental Health
12/4 - Autism Spectrum



Georgia Conference on Children and Families 
October 17-19, 2018 - Marriott Augusta
►now available - see early sign up for sponsorships at http://www.georgiachild.org//2018/gccfsponsorship2018.htm

2018 TG/Fanning training
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