Daily Update May 2, 2019


Challenge for Human Service Organizations

A recent Reframing Human Services Network article notes some of the challenges of the public's view around Human Service Organizations, which include: 

  • Views human services as only direct, temporary interventions to address the basic needs of people in crisis,
  • Overlooks the ways in which human services promote well-being at many stages of life through prevention, planning, advocacy, and research, and
  • Sees human services as benefitting only direct service recipients, not the whole community.

..." FrameWorks provides helpful recommendations on how to include personal stories in communications without cuing up unproductive misconceptions about human services." 

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2019 Georgia Conference on Children and Families October 28-30, 2019

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Our MISSION: Together Georgia is a preeminent voice in Georgia's child and family welfare policy-making.

Our VISION: Together Georgia will ensure that member organizations are equipped to serve those that their missions are tied to through distributing emerging data as well as by collaborating with key government figures and pertinent decision makers