Provider Update - RFI February 11, 2019 

What Keeps Direct Care Workers on the job?


Direct Care Workers (DCW's) face one of the most challenging jobs in the field of Human Services.  The purpose of this survey is to better understand what keeps DCW's on the job.  The survey takes 15 minutes and is anonymous therefore to protect the identity of the DCW and the agency.  The findings will assist us in finding ways to retain those who care for our children.  Together Georgia is facilitating this survey on behalf of Susan Worsley who will share her findings:

Susan Worsley Ph.D. candidate with Capella University is seeking voluntary participation for research into Job Satisfaction, Coping Style and Temperament of Direct Care Workers of Unlocked Child Caring Institutes in Georgia.

The purpose of the research is to determine the level of Job Satisfaction for Direct Care Workers (DCWs) while caring for youth in unlocked Child Caring Institutions in Georgia. Three instruments will be used to determine the Coping Style, Temperament, and Job Satisfaction as it relates to length of time on the job. Results will be used to determine why some DCWs remain on the job. Inclusion/exclusion criteria used to determine eligibility for the study

Eligible participants must be a direct care worker (DCW) in Georgia who is currently working in an unlocked Child Caring Institute. 

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2019 Georgia Conference on Children and Families October 28-30, 2019

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