Daily Update July 20, 2016

Education Advocacy Subcommittee

The  Educational Subcommittee for EmpowerMEnt is youth led with the support of a strong adult and community system, advocating for improvements for our educational welfare.The  info flyer is an information sheet pertaining to the commitment and requirements for the subcommittee.

Those who are interested in participating are asked to contact Jamey Hitchcock at jhitchcock@maac4kids.org. She will follow up with additional information regarding a set date for an orientation meeting. This subcommittee will be very extensive and will be a year commitment full of advocating for a more stable education. They hope to include visits to the capital (during the legislative period) to attend hearings, as well as connect with legislators, lobbyists, etc. who can come speak and connect with the subcommittee. 

general flyer

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The Georgia Conference on Children and Families  - November 2-4, 2016