Daily Update July 28, 2016

Preparation for the new OT rule

The following recent query was sent on behalf of a fellow TG member:
To: Together Georgia members
​Please respond to the following question in preparation for the new overtime rules that will take effect December 1, 2016.  ​What tracking tool(s) will you use to track overtime--in particular, ​what ​application and/or software​ are you considering​ to track social worker hours​ that primarily​ occur​ out of office​ in the field during the day or evening hours​? ​

Below are the responses received to date:
  • Paylocity and out of office in the field
  • Time reporting form ( time study in preparation for the overtime changes )
  • We use ADP.  It is a phone app that clocks them in and out.  They are required to call when they are approaching 40 hours to determine if the overtime is warranted.  If so the overtime must have approval attached  to be valid.  The agencies must write a policy in the handbook quickly to address any changes and have the staff sign off on it.  Otherwise this will be hard to manage. It's workable
  • MITC. It uses GPS and biometrics to track employee time.  
  • We are using a word document that is a "24 hour" format for 7 days a week. We basically record real time with no less than 30 minute increments. We use a 30 minute increment for emailed referrals (includes initial reading of match form, review of vacancies, and emailed response). If it moves into an actual placement, then whatever time is involved is in addition.We would be interested in an electronic format. We have a small group of people who are recording time so we can work with an experimental word format now.
  • We use Time clock Plus and it's an online program that's on a laptop in out mail room. We only do residential but our house parents are going to be a slight different problem. & how we do that along with my hours. I would like to discuss with someone if possible.
  • We will be utilizing our payroll system (Kronos) to track and monitor all hours worked by staff, whether in the office or in the field.  Staff will be able to access their timecards remotely when in the field in order to enter their hours.
  • We are moving toward using the ADP cell phone app hour logging. This will be operable by the end of the month according to ADP.
  • We don’t yet have any software or app to track employee hours in the field and are hoping to hear some ideas from other agencies.  Our thought is that we will have to have the foster parents sign a “time sheet” of sorts clearly showing staff arrival and departure times to the home.  If it is a school meeting or other function held outside of the home,  then an appropriate personnel would again also need to sign the time sheet.  This would apply for anything outside of the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Anyone working on-call would need to keep a log of the calls that they have received or emails etc. that they have had to respond to between the hours of 5:00 pm to 8:30 am. Not sure how else to handle this at this point…..will definitely be a challenge!
  • They would start clocking in on the ADP system as the current hourly staff.
  • At this point since this will impact 7 of our Family Consultants, we will likely start off by having staff track hours on a time sheet for anything above the 40 hours a week. We have not researched any software, but will consult with our PEO for any other suggestions.
  • We use ADP payroll software which allows exceptions to be input by the supervisor.  Staff will manually keep exceptions on a timecard that will be turned in to their supervisor.  If this plan changes I’ll let you know.  
  • Our agency does not at this time have any idea and would appreciate any help you can be.

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