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Bryan Samuels Reappointed as Executive Director of Chapin Hall


Bryan Samuels Reappointed as Executive Director of Chapin Hall

July 28, 2016

Affirming the success of the last three years, the Board of Directors of Chapin Hall announced that Bryan Samuels has accepted reappointment as Executive Director, effectively positioning Chapin Hall for robust growth and sustained organizational health. Samuels' agreement with the board runs for five years, with a renewal option in 2021.


John Mark Hansen, who chairs the board, spoke on behalf of the Board. "Bryan Samuels has been an extraordinary leader for Chapin Hall. As he showed throughout his earlier career in public service, he has a deep commitment to the Chapin Hall mission - the use of rigorous research to produce better outcomes for children, families, and communities. Under Bryan's leadership, Chapin Hall is strong, vibrant and reflective of the promise under which the organization was constituted over 30 years ago."


Since taking the helm in September 2013, Samuels has actively engaged the board, leadership and all the staff of Chapin Hall in harnessing the exacting data analysis and original research Chapin Hall is known for and accelerating the use of data and evidence in policymaking and practice. Part of this strategy has included attracting highly experienced policy staff who are integrating real-world knowledge of how systems function with actionable research.


Samuels was gratified to accept the board's offer and took it as a signal to continue aggressively operationalizing the vision that brought him to Chapin Hall. "Over the past three years, research and policy staff at Chapin Hall have worked tirelessly to integrate their work; starting every conversation - be it with a foundation, community-based agency or large public agency - with an eye toward impact," commented Samuels.


"Said differently, Chapin Hall is thinking every day about how we design and disseminate our work. The aim is to ensure decision makers have the very best research and evidence to improve the lives of children whose needs are not currently being met by existing policies, practices and programs. We still have a lot to learn, and my reappointment energizes me to keep innovating at the forefront of research that shapes policy and practice. As an organization and as individuals, we are all dedicated to this mission and these children."


Chapin Hall's portfolio has doubled under Samuels' leadership over the past three years. Exciting new work includes Voices of Youth Count, an ambitious national initiative aimed at defining - for the first time - the scale and scope of youth homelessness in America and connecting findings to national and local policies and practices aimed at preventing and, ultimately, ending youth homelessness.


In other new partnerships, Chapin Hall is engaged across the country in embedding and sustaining decision making supports and evidence-based practices into social services including foster care, behavioral-mental health, juvenile justice, and prevention. Children and emerging young adults can only benefit from scientifically-proven interventions if frontline workers, supervisors, and leaders can implement such practices effectively. Key areas of growth at Chapin Hall also include new uses of administrative data, data tools, and evaluations of implementations of evidence-based and emergent programs and practices to accelerate the field's knowledge and application of knowledge to improve outcomes for youth.


Chapin Hall is an independent, not-for-profit, policy research center affiliated with the University of Chicago focused on providing public and private decision-makers with rigorous data analysis and achievable solutions to support them in improving the lives of children, youth and families. Chapin Hall has an annual budget of $22M and employs approximately 120 staff, including researchers and policy experts who are national and international authorities in their fields. Geographically, Chapin Hall's work and reputation extends not only through Chicago and Illinois, but also incorporates a national and international presence.


For more information about Chapin Hall, please visit www.chapinhall.org

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