Daily Update August 26, 2016

TG Board Approves Strategic Plan

Background and Process 
In 2014 Together Georgia began our strategic planning process with Georgia Center for NonProfits consultants Jeanne Ward and Mary Hughes.  Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, initial interviews were conducted and assumption statements were compiled. Jeanne Ward participated in our 2015 Executive Retreat, followed by an environmental scan through additional interviews.  A planning session was scheduled with the Board to which leadership were also invited to participate. Jeanne Ward and Mary Hughes participated in TG chapter meetings to present the Balanced Scorecard approach and receive input. Identified were key planning assumptions for each Balanced Scorecard perspective: Mission, Internal Processes, Human Capital and Finance.  Each key assumption was turned into a Goal. Each goal was compared to the current state and gaps identified to be bridged in order to successfully achieve the goal. Measurable objectives were identified to help track progress towards achieving the goal. 

Together Georgia is a preeminent voice in Georgia's child and family welfare policy-making

Together Georgia will ensure that member organizations are equipped to serve those that their missions are tied to through  distributing emerging data as well as by collaborating with key government figures and pertinent decision makers.

Approved Plan and Working Documents
Linked is the Board approved strategic plan
Also presented at the Board meeting were the working documents. The worksheets are fluid may continue to be updated.

Champions are identified for each defined area of work. TG members are encouraged to participate.

Mission 1.1 - Sally Buchanan sbuchanan@ccsgeorgia.org  
Mission 1.2 - Karl Lehman klehman@childkind.org 
Internal Process 2.1 - Ron Scroggy ron.scroggy@gahsc.org 
Internal Process 2.2  - Sheri Cody scody@twincedars.org 
Organizational Capacity 3.1 - John Blend Johnblend@aol.com 
Organizational Capacity 3.2 - Karl Lehman klehman@childkind.org
Financial 4.1 - Carolyn Fjeran carolyn@gahsc.org 
Financial 4.2 Phil Kouns Philk@christian-city.org 

Please reach out to Champions with input and/or interest in participating.

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The Georgia Conference on Children and Families  - November 2-4, 2016