Daily Update October 12, 2016

Unemployment Tax Eval for Nonprofits

Together Georgia members should have received a letter from UST’s Executive Director, Donna Groh, inviting you to complete a free Savings Evaluation.

TG has partnered with the Unemployment Services Trust (UST) since 2010 in an effort to provide nonprofit employers with workforce solutions that reduce costs and strengthen their missions. Just last year, UST helped 2,100 participating nonprofits save over $29.9 million on their unemployment claims costs.

After you submit the Savings Evaluation, a UST Cost Advisor will be able to determine whether your nonprofit should exercise its 501(c)(3) unemployment tax exemption. Should you qualify for the program, you will also receive a complimentary 2-year savings projection.

If you have 10 or more employees, submit the online form (www.chooseust.org/request-a-savings-quote) by Nov 15th to exercise your nonprofit’s tax exemption for 2017. Use priority code 2016GAHSC-E to expedite the process.

Please don’t hesitate to contact UST directly at 888-249-4788 or info@chooseust.org for additional assistance.

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