Daily Update November 21, 2016

DJJ RFP - After School Program for Low to Moderate Risk Females



Georgia DJJ is requesting proposals from qualified Suppliers for the provision of after school programs for low to moderate risk, females, ages 13- 20 years, in two DJJ districts in North Georgia, as the need for these services occur. The districts are: District 1 in Northwest Georgia, and District 2 in Northeast Georgia. Suppliers may, but do not have to have a facility in each county of each district, but must have a location to support all counties within the district. Please see Annex G, Map of Districts, to this RFP for a description of the boundaries of the districts, to include key cities in each district.  These after school programs will provide instruction in social etiquette, job readiness/life skill preparation, and mentoring.   DJJ anticipates the programs would last a minimum of at least one meeting per week, for a minimum of three months. This will be a multiple award procurement, meaning more than one Supplier MAY be awarded a contract in each district based upon final evaluation score.  Suppliers may bid on one, or both districts.  DJJ makes no guarantee of the amount of use of this contract, number of females to participate, or a guaranteed contract amount of award.

Solicitation Event Number: 46100-DJJ0000226

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