Daily Update January 26, 2017

This Child is Talking to YOU

from Voices for Georgia's Children



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Hi << Test First Name >>,

Did you know that nearly 80% of the children in Georgia who need behavioral health services don't get them? In fact, the top three causes of school absence are health related. On Wednesday, February 1, Voices for Georgia’s Children, Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC), and our collective network will come together to promote action and awareness about equity and access to quality healthcare for youth with the official launch of our #ThisChildIsTalking2U videos.

You are the most important part in helping us make this movement a reality, and together we can help kids speak up, and start to change the conversation about children’s health needs, but don't worry, we already have a list of simple ways for you to help!

Feel free to skip ahead to any of the options below.
  1.  Watch the Videos
  2. Help Spread the Word
  3. Show Other People the Videos Too!
  4. Join the Thunderclap 
  5. Get Social

1.) Watch the Videos


Watch one or all of the short videos, it takes less than 10 minutes to get through them all!
Watch Now

2.) Help Spread the Word


On Feb. 1, email your lawmakers and community leaders and ask them to watch one, or preferably, ALL of these brief videos. 

The Message: "Dear Representative _____________,
Hi –– My name is ______. Please watch one or all of the short videos in the This Child is Talking to YOU video series using the link below. The top three causes of school absence are health related, but it’s hard for us to know how kids are really feeling. These videos are an important tool to start understanding the barriers that impact youth’s health, quality of life, and sense of social belonging everyday. Thank you for your service and for your leadership for the children of Georgia. "



The How: Look up your elected officials, and then call or email them with the message above.

Find Elected Officials

3.) Show Other People
the Videos Too!

Show these videos at community meetings, city council meetings, to your friends and family, or use them as an interesting way to start a meeting or a conversation.

These videos are meant to get conversations started about children's healthcare, so bring a few questions to get things going after you show them. For example: 

  1. Did this video surprise you? If so, how?
  2. What do you think you could do to address the concerns these children have?
  3. What do you think your professional and personal peers could do to address these concerns?
  4. What can you commit to doing today?

4.) Join the Thunderclap

Join the #ThisChildisTalking2U Thunderclap to help us get the word out about this video series on Feb. 1!

Thunderclap is the first-ever "crowd-speaking" platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. All you have to do is click below and add your support with a tweet, Facebook post or even on tumblr.
Join Our Thunderclap

5.) Get Social

Post about why you support children's health on and leading up to Feb. 1 using the hashtag #ThisChildisTalking2U on social media to help spread the message!

Here are some simple messages:  For a look at even more ways to get involved, download our full
This Child is Talking to YOU video toolkit. 
Download the Video Toolkit

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