Daily Update February 22, 2017

Reinstatement of Parental Rights

Georgia Child Welfare Legal Academy‚Äč

Join us on March 17th for our next Georgia Child Welfare Legal Academy which will focus on reinstatement of parental rights through the experiences and insights of a panel of children’s attorneys who have been involved in these actions.  The recent comprehensive revision to the state’s Juvenile Code, codified as the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2013, was undertaken, in part, to modernize Georgia dependency laws.  This effort introduced reinstatement of parental rights as an innovative remedy to address the problem of children who are left without legal parents as a result of termination of parental rights or a voluntary surrender, and who do not have a permanency goal of adoption.  Since the adoption of the new code, a limited number of reinstatement of parental rights cases have been brought to court.  Our Visiting Scholars in Practice, Leslie Abbott, Mercedes Ball, Jennifer Ennerberg and Tara-Anne Canada, offer their experiences on the usefulness of this law as a tool to reconstruct vulnerable families.

To register, TYPE IN YOUR BROWSER:  http://tinyurl.com/reinstatementparentrights

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