Daily Update March 2, 2017

Action Alert - Friday is Crossover Day

Background: The duration of the Georgia legislative session each year is 40 total days, excluding days not in session. Proposed legislation initially is generated and vetted through either the House or the Senate. Bills are introduced and assigned to committee/subcommittee for review and possible revision. If a bill is favorably adopted by committee, it then finds its way back to the floor for a vote.  After a bill passes one chamber, it ‘crosses over’ to the other chamber. A bill must pass both the House and the Senate in order to become a law.  The detailed process is illustrated at http://www.accg.org/library/how_a_bill_becomes_law.pdf)

Time is of the essence: Friday is Crossover Day at the Capitol, which this year is scheduled on day 28 of the session—a bit earlier than in previous years. If a bill that you are tracking has not yet crossed over, it must happen by Friday to stay alive.  Conversely, bills that you oppose will be halted if they do not cross over.  (There are other ‘vehicles’ that politicians use to keep legislation alive, so we never say never until the gavel falls on Sine Die: the end of the legislative session.)  Together Georgia lobbyists keep us informed every step of the way.


The following are two actions alerts recently shared with TG members:

SB 170 (shared March 1 via email )

RBWO rate increase (most recently shared in the 2/14 Weekly Update)

Additional Information: A matrix, regularly included in the Weekly Update, is used to check the status of other bills TG is tracking legislative matrix 20170224. Also, linked are bills of interest to BH Providers, which were shared at the February Family Preservation/Mental Health Provider. Three of these bills have crossed over: SB 4, SB 40, and SB 52.  HB 173 which would authorize MFT to 1013 has not crossed over.

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