Provider  Update September 23, 2016

Foster Youth Survey Response Email

To preface this email, I would like to let providers know that as a response to the Foster Youth Survey that was sent out April of this year. I have joined with EmpowerMEnt as an intern to be able to bring to light the responses of the survey. Attached is an email response that should be given to all youth who were involved in the Foster Youth Survey, as a means for them to empower themselves as well as to become involved (if wanting to) in empowering their education. I am also attaching a grievance form that youth are encouraged to use for any issues or basic rights they may see as violated. As apart of my new internship, I am becoming involved in rebooting the Educational Advocacy Subcommittee where youth will have a chance to represent their educational needs and advocate for them, attached are two flyers with information regarding how to join. Lastly, I would like youth to receive the attached DFCS Youth's rights that outlines their basic rights as a youth in the system.

Thank you all for your participation. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I can be reached at:

I look forward to hearing back from the survey participants!

Foster Youth Survey Response
YR Grievance Response Handout
Youth Rights Handout
Education Advocacy Subcommittee

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