Provider Watch August 25, 2016

Together Georgia Executive Director presents to DHS Board

Together Georgia Executive Director, Ron Scroggy, delivered a presentation to the Department of Human Services Board on August 24, 2016. Noted in the presentation are recent initiatives and work groups in which TG has participated with DFCS. 

  • Co-host Kinship Summits with DFCS and FFTA
  • Sponsor for the Home in 5 Partnership
  • Serve on DFCS’s Child Welfare Training Collaborative Advisory Board
  • Blue Print for Change Road Shows – Host the Providers’ Town Hall meetings
  • Support DHS’s Faith-Based Initiative work
  • Serve on DFCS’s Practice Model (SBC) Advisory Board
  • CPA and CCI Rate Analysis
  • HR 1723 – How surveys and inspections can be more coordinated (ORC, DFCS, DJJ and providers)
  • Contract reviews and improvements ad hoc committee
  • Transitional age youth 
  • DFCS Connect By 21 Initiative
  • Offer stakeholder feedback on federal plans (i.e., CFSR and PIPs) 
  • DFCS Common Referral Forms
  • Served on the Prudent Parenting Task Force

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The Georgia Conference on Children and Families  - November 2-4, 2016