Weekly Update January 13, 2017

Together Georgia members testify at the January 12, 2017 House Appropriations: Human Resources hearing

The Governor's proposed FY18 budget includes a 57% rate increase for DFCS foster homes (primarily base and traditional) and a 19% increase for DFCS case managers.  Purportedly, the DFCS rate increase will help address the need for capacity driven by the recent growth in foster care. Private provider foster homes, perceived as already receiving  higher rates via waivers, were not included in the proposed rate increase. The Governor's proposal will change the provider environment, which previously guaranteed the same base rates for DFCS and private agency foster homes. 

Ron Scroggy, Together Georgia; Karl Lehman, Childkind; John Blend. Goshen, and Zach Nikonovich-Kahn, Families First testified on behalf of providers. link to hearing - https://livestream.com/accounts/19771891/events/6811947/videos/146570642


HB 52, by Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur), addresses Georgia's laws on TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).   Specifically, it allows TANF assistance for children with legal custodians.  It defines in O.C.G.A. § 49-4-181(6), relating to definitions, that family means "one or more children living with a responsible parent, both parents, or other caretaker relative, legal custodian, or legal guardian."  Changes are also made to effect this change in O.C.G.A. § 49-4-182(a); O.C.G.A. § 149-4-183(b)(10)(C); and O.C.G.A. § 49-4-184.  [In O.C.G.A. § 19-9-22(2), it defines "legal custodian" as a person, including, but not limited to, a parent, who has been awarded permanent custody of a child by a court order. A person who has not been awarded custody of a child by court order shall not be considered as the legal custodian while exercising visitation rights. Where custody of a child is shared by two or more persons or where the time of visitation exceeds the time of custody, that person who has the majority of time of custody or visitation shall be the legal custodian."]



Welfare Watch January 9, 2017 - Assist Albany Foster Families Affected by Weekend Storm

Daily Update January 12, 2017 - Mental Health Day at the Capitol 1/31/17
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Leadership Development for Mid-level Managers

Together Georgia Provider Alliance in collaboration with The University of Georgia J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development offers the following training.  By the nature of their work, child welfare professionals are at particular risk for developing secondary traumatic stress symptoms. This session examines the causes of secondary trauma, its effects on staff, treatment methods for working with clients to address their trauma responses, and more. 

Leadership Development for Midlevel Managers
Thursday, January 26, 2017, 10:00am - 2:00pm  
Program Description: Mid-level managers and supervisors are often faced with leadership challenges related to changing roles and responsibilities. Participants will explore and practice leadership skills designed to assist them through this transition.

Presenters: David Meyers, MSW & Brendan Leahy, Ed.D.
Location: United Methodist Children's Home, 500 S. Columbia Dr, Decatur 30030

Cost for training and lunch: $85 (TG members receive complimentary registration--email office@gahsc.org to request code.)  link to registration 
Contact office@gahsc.org

Child Welfare Training Collaborative
Trauma 101: Understanding Child Trauma and Child Traumatic Stress - multiple dates - click here to view calendar


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April 25 & 26 -  Annual Executive Retreat, WinShape
October 25-27 - Georgia Conference on Children and Families, Augusta - website: www.georgiachild.org

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Grant Station Insider  - Volume XV | Issue 24 | June 16, 2016


2016 Georgia Conference on Children and Families (Please provide evaluation on the session that you attended.)

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