Weekly Update March 17, 2017


Appropriations passed out of the Senate with DFCS receiving 19% (average) increase for salaries.  DFCS foster parents will receive $10 increase; CPA foster parents and kinship will receive $5 in the FY18 budget and additional $5 increase in the FY 19 budget to bring them up to $10. No rate increases were included for RBWO providers. 

HB 75 (LC 29 7266) excludes certain records from disclosure. It has passed both the House and the Senate. Linked is an articled from the AJC this morning - DFCS bill targets child death details 

HB 250 (LC 29 7547S) is a bill relating to records checks for persons supervising children provides that a satisfactory fingerprint records check determination within the previous 12 months by the Department of Early Care and Learning may be used in lieu of background screening or fingerprint  checks required for purposes of providing care to children in the custody of the Department of Human Services. The bill passed the House, but has not yet passed the Senate.  

SB 52 (LC 37 2257) received a Do Pass out of the House Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday. This bill removes the sunset provision on legislation originally passed in 2014 to allow LCPs to sign a 1013 form. They expanded the sunset last year. This bill does away with the sunset.  It should now go to the Rules Committee  to be added to the calendar to be heard on the House floor.  

SB 170  (LC 29 7577S) received a Do Pass as amended out of the Juvenile Justice Committee meeting on Thursday.   Linked are notes covering SB 170 (LC337027S)  discussion in the committee meeting.  The current version of the bill now, rather than legislating the solution, will establish a study committee to develop the solution. The majority of discussion yesterday was around immunity. The committee amended the bill to strike lines 73-38 and other related language. 

HB 359 Supporting and Strengthening Families Act passed the House and the Senate. This bill  provides parents for temporary delegation of certain power and authority for the care and custody of his or her child.

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Provider Watch March 16, 2017  - The Atlanta Children's Foundation Launches Crisis Card Program to Further Support At-Risk Youth

Daily Update March  17, 2017 - Save the Date: Be the Blueprint for Hope
Daily Update March 15, 2017 - Reframing Social Services update
Daily Update March 13, 2017- EmpowerMEnt & Georgia Ryse (ILP) Financial Future Webinar for Youth


Child Welfare Training Collaborative's Brain Development 101

Together Georgia Provider Alliance in collaboration with The University of Georgia J. W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development hosts the following training.  

►next week Thursday, March 23, 2017, 10:00am - 2:00pm 
Program Description:  This course will provide participants with foundational knowledge about how adversity and trauma can impact brain development. Participants will also be introduced to brain architecture and early brain development in children. 
Presenter: Debra Ross, Child Welfare Training Collaborative (CWTC)David Meyer, J.W. Fanning Institute;                                   Host/Facilitator: David Meyer, J.W. Fanning Institute
Course Description: This course will provide participants with foundational knowledge about how adversity and trauma can impact brain development. Participants will also be introduced to brain architecture and early brain development in children.
Course Objectives: The brain development class goes into more of the brain science and the impact of trauma on the brain.
Location A Friend’s House, 111 Henry Pkwy, McDonough, GA 30253
Cost for training and lunch:  link to registration 
Contact office@gahsc.org

April 27, 2017 10:00am - 02:00pm
Aligning Staff with CQI Practices
LaGrange, GA​​​​

Child Welfare Training Collaborative
Trauma 101: Understanding Child Trauma and Child Traumatic Stress - multiple dates - click here to view calendar


registration open April 25 & 26 -  Annual Executive Retreat, WinShape
now openSPONSOR REGISTRATION  Georgia Conference on Children and Families, Oct 25-27, 2017, Marriott Augusta - website: www.georgiachild.org

Member Calendar - http://togetherga.net/index.php/events/list-by-month/month.calendar/2016/06/27/- 


The next Practice Matters meeting is scheduled April 13 at Hephzibah in Macon--additional details will be forthcoming. 


► hosts are needed for Regions 1 and 11
To: Together Georgia member agency directors

Together Georgia is invited to continue to participate in the DFCS Road Shows. Previous TG members who have hosted the Road Show provider meetings include WinShape, Twin Cedars, Necco, Bethany, CarePartnersHephzibah, and Georgia Baptist.
Please note, the following dates/locations for the 2017 meetings and let us know of your availability to host.   
  • April 25-28 – Statesboro/Region 12 (Broken Shackle)
  • May 22-26 – Columbus/Region 8 (Bethany Christian Services)
  • June 12-16 –​ ​Blue Ridge/Region 1
  • August 21-25 – Atlanta/ Region 14 (Hillside)
  • September 25-29 –​ ​Douglasville/Region 3 (Youth Villages)
  • October 16-20 –​Valdosta/Region 11
  • November 13-17 –Augusta/ Region 7 (Uniting Hope 4 Children)
​The provider meeting is typically the second day beginning at approx. 1:30PM. 

Additional providers have stepped forward - Thank you! We still need hosts for Regions 1 and 11. Please let us know of your interest ASAP. Thank you. 


- YouthToday Grants - click here to see available grants on website 
- Grant Station Insider  - Volume XV | Issue 24 | June 16, 2016 



Archived:  TG Salary Survey:  The 2016 survey is now closed.  Click here to view results (You will need to download the document and open it to view all of the columns.)


Please note Together Georgia has a Job Bank to which TG members may post notices on the website at www.togetherga.net.   The system is new and members will need to log in with user name and password that was previously provided to member agency directors. (User name is the first initial and last name of agency director; password, if forgotten may be reset - reset will go to the agency director's inbox. )

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